Panag Pharma Announces Launch Of A Regional Pilot Program

Halifax, Nova Scotia. Panag Pharma hosted a seminar for Health Care Professionals and the launch of a Regional Pilot Program to introduce Topical AOTC, a new generation pain and inflammation product.

Topical AOTC is a Health Canada approved natural product indicated for temporarily relief of aches and pains of muscles and joints associated with simple backache, lumbago, strains and sprains and arthritis. Learn more about Topical AOTC

Clinical pain specialists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, sports medicine experts and podiatrists attended the information session. The pilot program will be running until March 17th 2017. During this time, Topical AOTC will be evaluated by a wide range of patients who will work closely with their health care provider. Following completion of the Regional Pilot program, Topical AOTC will be made available to patients through specialty clinics and via direct orders from Panag.

About Panag Pharma Inc.

Panag Pharma is a Halifax, Nova Scotia based Life Sciences company developing a range of products which provide relief from chronic pain and inflammation, especially in sensitive sites, using proprietary plant-derived compounds. Learn more…