Panag Pharma Announces Licensing Agreement With Tetra Bio Pharma

Panag Pharma Announces Licensing Agreement With Tetra Bio Pharma

Panag Pharma announces licensing agreement with Tetra Bio Pharma

Halifax, Nova Scotia. Panag Pharma Inc. announces that it has entered into a licensing agreement with Tetra Bio Pharma for its Topical ARx and Ocular products.

The Licensing Agreement provides for the continued development and commercialization of Panag’s unique products focused on providing patients with effective relief from pain.

Dr. Cheliak, Panag’s CEO notes that “combining the technical and clinical expertise of Panag with the regulatory and commercialization expertise of Tetra will accelerate the delivery of a new class of pain relief products to patients”.

“We are very pleased to announce this partnership with Panag as we work towards building an innovative product pipeline focused on cannabis,” said Andre Rancourt, CEO of Tetra Bio-Pharma.

About Panag Pharma:

Panag Pharma is a Halifax, Nova Scotia based Life Sciences company developing a range of products which provide relief from chronic pain and inflammation, especially in sensitive sites, using proprietary plant-derived compounds.

About Tetra Bio-Pharma:

Tetra Bio Pharma is a multi subsidiary publicly traded company (CSE: TBP) (OTCQB: TBPMF) engaged in the development of Bio Pharmaceuticals and Natural Health Products containing Cannabis and other medicinal plant based elements.

Tetra Bio Pharma is focused on combining the traditional methods of medicinal cannabis use with the supporting scientific validation and safety data required for inclusion into the existing bio pharma industry by regulators physicians and insurance companies. More information is available about the company at: